Author: Monique Mulligan
Publisher: Serenity Press
Publication Date: 1 May 2020
Copy: Courtesy of the Publisher

Alexandra-Rose and her Icy Cold-Toes is the brand new picture book by West Australian author, blogger, interviewer and founder of the popular Stories on Stage series Monique Mulligan.

Icy-Cold Toes are a common occurrence at the moment, especially in my house as all of my children have an aversion to socks. Winter makes for the iciest of icy-cold toes and what better reminder than a cute and eye-catching story about the importance of wearing socks.

Alexandra-Rose pads around the house looking for her still sleeping family when she wakes a little too early. The further she searches the colder her little toes become until she might as well be a fridge, and that’s a sentiment I understand as I sit here with my own chilly little toes (already socked but possibly crying out for uggs.)

An entirely sleeping house in the early morning is not what young Alexandra-Rose desires with her grumbly hungry tummy, icy-cold toes and sense of loneliness in the quiet so she hatches a brilliant idea to wake the house; an idea that is certain to work though not necessarily with smiles and hugs.

The writing is engaging, the illustrations are eye-catching and the entire story is entertaining and amusing for little and big people alike, though I certainly don’t want my little people getting any ideas. Not that they really need them as they are all over the idea of warming their cold toes on other people’s warm body parts.

It might also be fun to discuss the illustrations with your little people, and their rugged up toes in this weather, and see what if the can pick out the antics of the cat as the story progresses.

This is the first of Monique Mulligan’s children’s books that I have read but her earlier titles do promise to be just as much fun.

You can find Monique Mulligan on Facebook, Twitter and her Website.

Alexandra-Rose is book #21 for the Australian Women Writer’s Challenge 2020.

Alexandra-Rose and her icy-cold toes is available through Serenity Press and where all good books are sold.