Author: Kiersten White
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Publication Date: 7 January 2020
Copy: Borrowed from my local library

Chosen is the second in the Slayer series by self-confessed Buffy fan Kiersten White. I read Slayer when it released early in 2019 and it seems, on a little research, that I didn’t actually review it. This now leaves me wondering if I review Chosen or just leave my thoughts in my head on this one, or a brief Goodreads review and be done with it. I think I always meant to get around to writing a review but it hasn’t been turning out that easy.

The Slayer series is set firmly in the Buffyverse in a time after the finale of the long running cult TV show. It is a series that stands very much on its own but for fans of the series there are references to tie them together. Chosen had some fantastic cameos that brought a smile. I loved discovering what happened to Oz after he left Sunnydale, and Nina has dreams featuring both Faith and Buffy. Other well known characters from both Buffy and Angel got a mention.

White has managed to tap into the voice of the Buffyverse and I feel that the Slayer series is a great complement to the mythology and the atmosphere of the Buffyverse.

Chosen picks up soon after the close of Slayer with things looking very different in the wake of an almost apocalypse, a Watcher castle missing more than a couple of important characters and boasting a host of new inhabitants.

Nina is trying to navigate the change in the way her power feels, a whole new purpose to the Watcher castle and get used to living without her twin sister at her side. There’s a new ‘Big Bad’ to discover and overthrow while hoping that she can convince her sister to come home before anyone else discovers what she’s up to.

There’s betrayal, a hint of romance, a bucketload of teen angst and an interesting array of relationships.

Chosen is a complete story on its own but I would be interested in seeing the series continue and following Nina on her course as ‘the Chosen One’.

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Chosen is published by Simon & Schuster and is available now where all good books are sold.