Karly Lane is a bestselling author that I have grown to love over the years, and the releases, and she is firmly on my must read list. Over the years I have done a couple of Q&A’s with her but for the release of Take Me Home, with a rural feel far away from her Australian home I thought it would be nice to do something different.

To celebrate the release of Take Me Home I requested a guest post about anything she wanted to share with us, and this is what Karly came up with.

One question an author ultimately gets asked at a talk is ‘where do you like to write?’

I’d love to say a quiet little corner table in the local café where I sit and diligently type out my next manuscript between ordering lattes, and I would say this, to spare those audience members the utter mundane boringness of my reality as a full-time author.

You want the truth?

Que gentle Bach orchestral music. My day usually starts with waking up the teenage daughter—without wearing tactical gear, I might add. Then out to feed the small menagerie of fowl I seem to keep acquiring, to shut them up so I can write in peace! Ahh, the serenity of the country. Then, depending on the number of phone calls I get from my adult children ranging from, just calling to say hello to “if I’ve got some chicken from last night and it smells weird…can I still eat it?”

I then might be able to sit down and start writing. Unless the guy turns up with his tractor to fix up my horse paddock, in which case I have to go open gates, or the guinea fowl decide to wander out on the road, or get stuck in a fence…but after that, then I can write.

I have to admit, where do you like to write is often a question I ask; or do you have a favourite place to write which I guess boils down to the same thing. It is never the glamourous café and latte answer that Karly mentions here but it is always interesting. I do love to hear about the way these stories come to life.

Take Me Home – Synopsis from Allen & Unwin

It was a straightforward request. Take her gran home to her beloved Scotland.

In the space of a few days, Elle loses her job and her home and faces moving back in with her parents-where she knows she’ll hear a lot about how she is wasting her life, unlike her three siblings . . .

Then Gran’s will is read and everything changes.

It seems simple: a road trip across Scotland, a country Gran loved, to locate the family castle; meet some long lost cousins; oh, and work out what she wants to do with the rest of her life before returning home. Not a problem.

That is unless the family castle is a ruin that has pretty much been lost in time; the family Elle has never met seem to be hiding a mysterious secret; her over-achieving parents are breathing down her neck, and she’s running out of time to make a decision about her future.

Take Me Home is a glorious lesson in life, love and finding your true destiny.

Take Me Home is published May 4, 2021.

Karly Lane loves to hear from her readers, you can find her on FacebookTwitterInstagram and her Website.

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