Author: Penelope Janu
Publisher: Harlequin Mira
Publication Date: October 7, 2020
Copy: Purchased Personal Copy

The Six Rules of Christmas is a cute little novella about small town Warrandale where Ariella Blake is extremely unversed in the magic of Christmas.

Ariella is intelligent, accomplished and a stickler for rules, and she has quite the list of rules of her own to live by. She is happy in the house her father left her, running the law practice she took over when he died. She has friends and a place that she belongs but she is very protective of her heart.

Jack Adamson is the sexy young farrier that takes over from the aging Mike for a month before Christmas while he visits with his sister. He is mysterious and far from forthcoming with details of his life. He can be quite abrupt when questioned but his way with people and animals can not be faulted.

Sparks fly from the first time the two accidentally brush skin but the hurdles to overcome certainly seem too high.

Ariella has never really done Christmas because her father took her travelling every year, away from their town and all the festivities. Now that her father is gone it’s time Ariella learned about Christmas and Jack offers to teach her.

The two learn a lot about each other as Ariella learns the rules of Christmas, though it takes her a lot longer to learn to understand the rules.

This is a sweet little story that I started in a waiting room this morning because I forgot to pick up my book as I raced out the door, but fortunately had my Kindle in the car with plenty of options to choose from.
I have loved everything of Janu’s and am looking forward to her next release, which isn’t far away. I am actually surprised that this is a Christmas novella from last year that I hadn’t read yet, not sure how I missed it.

I want to say there is a little bit of steam but it’s more sweet than steamy, and the intimate scenes are far from graphic.

The characters are both quite complex, ultimately gold hearted and fragile; and very easy to love.

I would love to see them again as secondary characters in a full length novel.
Thank you Penelope Janu for a light and ultimately feel good Christmas story to wile away my day with.

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