Author: Annie Seaton
Publisher: Self-Published
Publication Date: March 11, 2022
Copy: Courtesy of the Author

Larapinta is the 5th in the Porter Sister series and it is a fitting end; at the end of every book I have been left wanting that little bit more but not this time. Larapinta closes out the series and leaves us with a complete picture of the lives of all the Porters.

Sandra Porter is the matriarch of the Porter family, a woman who struggled in the aftermath of her husbands murder; staged to look like a suicide. Now that they have some answers and Sandra can finally move on she is determined to do something for herself, to find herself and to demonstrate her strength. She books herself on a trek along the long and arduous Larapinta Trail in a small tour group.

The suspense kicks in early and you know that something is going to happen but the red herrings are also placed early so you’re never quite sure what’s going on.

The Larapinta trekking group is quite diverse; there are two honeymooning couples, an older retired couple, a rich lady, a renowned landscape photographer and Sandra Porter. There are personality clashes from day one but that’s always to be expected.

Seaton has, as always, painted beautiful pictures of the landscape and the settings with her words; evoking vibrant images in the mind and setting up a wanderlust desire to see more of our gorgeous country. It shows that she does research travel for her books so that she is familiar with the spectacular places she writes about.

All of the main players, of the Porter family and the Porter Sisters series, make an appearance in Larapinta and allow us to take a peek into their lives as they look now; like checking in on old friends next time you pass through town.

Seaton looks at loss and the different way we experience it, grieve it and move on from it. Larapinta also explores the wide range of fertility issues and stages that can be present in a family simultaneously and how it all has an affect on everyone.

I really do love the Porters, I can’t really believe that one family can go through quite so much; and I can’t help but feel for them. But they have great courage and strength, and more importantly they have each other.

Larapinta was a book that took me way too long to read, not because I wasn’t enjoying it but because I wanted to make it last and savour it.

Sandra lost the love of her life when her husband was murdered and she has been content devoting her life to her children, and now her grandchildren, but when she goes off to find herself on the Larapinta Trail and finds way more excitement than she ever would have wanted will she also find that maybe there can be more than one big love in a lifetime.

Larapinta is pretty dark and pretty hard going a lot of the time, the suspense is palpable and you don’t want to make a sound but there also moments of levity and humour which help to balance out the emotions. There are many moments of stunning beauty as Seaton describes the backdrop and the scenery; the flora and the fauna of great wild centre of our glorious country.

Whether you are new to the Porter Sisters or you have followed from the beginning I’m sure you’re not going to be disappointed. This is a book that stands on it’s spine just as well as it rounds out the series.

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Larapinta is out now, and available Digitally and In Print from Annie’s online store and all good online retailers.