Author: Karly Lane
Publisher: Allen & Unwin
Publication Date: 31st May, 2022
Copy: Courtesy of the Publisher

Karly Lane is a firm Australian favourite of mine and her novels never fail to entertain, she is high on my list of must reads and I eagerly anticipate every new release. So, I did read this – as soon as it arrived in my mail box – but lack of time and reliable internet means I kept putting off sitting to write the review and allowed myself to be distracted by the next shiny new book (or 4).

The more books Lane writes the more she has started including a little bit of a historical note and paying tribute to Australians who served in the armed forces over the years and through the World Wars, and A Stone’s Throw Away is no exception.

Pip Davenport is an investigative journalist recovering from a recent case, one that she’s signed a contract to write a tell all book about. Unfortunately she’s suffering a severe case of writers’ block. It seems like a perfect time to housesit her uncle’s property while he is off caravanning. All the peace and quiet she can imagine to actually get the book written, and away from everything that still haunts her.

A kind gesture to clear the junk out of the dried up dam for her uncle goes pear shaped when a grisly discovery is made. A discovery that distracts Pip from the story she should be focusing on and lures her into investigating a new one. A very old case that was never resolved and has haunted the town for decades.

There was so much to love in this story and Lane has woven crime and investigative elements into the narrative in a way that kept me captivated the whole way through. There was so much emotion captured in these pages, and such a wide range of different emotions.

Once again Lane has employed a more spiritual element than I’m used to from her and I loved it. It was a little unusual but it worked, and it definitely helped to guide the story where it needed to go. I guess though that it is something that won’t work for everyone, but it is fiction and literary licence is completely up to the author. I can definitely say that it worked for me.

It wouldn’t be a Lane novel without an element of sexual tension and romance, and that was written into this story well. It also partnered with the suspense and the suspicion well, I wasn’t sure who I should be backing.

I want to say that this is dual timeline but it isn’t, not quite. We get a look into the past with letters and diaries but no real scenes actually set in the past (I hope I’m making sense).

Lane explores small towns and their sometimes small mindsets. Old grudges firmly held and the legacy of powerful founding families to change the course of history – or the perception of it at least. The damage done when people can throw money at problems to make them go away.

The suspense in A Stone’s Throw Away was extremely well written and left me questioning who I should be backing more than once, never quite sure who could be believed and who was affiliated with who.

A Stone’s Throw Away is a captivating story of family, of small towns, of romance, of fear and of determination putting history to rights in the end. It’s a story that I loved and left me wondering what will be next for the characters.

Thank you Karly Lane for another entertaining read that put me through a rollercoaster of emotions. I would recommend this one to readers across genres, I highly doubt you would be disappointed.

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