Author: Liz Brawell
Publisher: Disney Press
Publication Date: September 6th, 2016
Copy: Borrowed from my local library

Beauty and The Beast has got to be one of my favourite Disney movies of all time, I have watched both of the movies more than once – the cartoon a lot more than once; so I went into As Old As Time a little hesitant. I love the movies so I had great hopes for the book but also great trepidation, it would have been so easy to destroy my love with a terrible twisted tale.
I have been looking at the twisted tales and villains series in book club catalogues for a couple of years but could never quite justify the splurge. I eventually decided to make use of my library card and borrow a couple, and I’m so glad that I did.

As Old As Time starts in a similar way to Beauty and the Beast, but with two distinct time lines. We go back further than the curse on the spoiled prince to when Maurice was a younger man and first crossed paths with the enchanting Rosalind.
Alternating chapters tell of the events leading up to the curse of the prince, and the story of Beauty and the Beast we are familiar with. Up until Belle heads for the forbidden West Wing, and then things head off in an entirely new direction; well maybe not entirely new and now I need to go watch the movie again.

As Old As Time is dark, a lot darker than Beauty and the Beast, but also a lot more layered, a lot more thoughtful.
The Enchantress who cursed the prince had quite an involved and engaging backstory that we never knew of before. It’s one thing to think that she’s just gone in and laid a curse on a child for him not allowing the haggard old crone to come in from the storm and rest, and that’s exactly what she did…. but there were so many other reasons and factors that played into her rash curse and we finally have someone who has fleshed out that story and told us how it was.

All of the characters have a lot more backstory than we knew, and a lot more connection which was an intriguing story to follow.

I don’t want to say too much about the story because I don’t want to add spoilers and I really think this is worth a read. It’s not the story you know and though throughout the book there are similarities, and there are scenes from Beauty and the Beast that still appear, though slightly different and there are elements that show themselves in a different way; this is still quite a different story.

Braswell shows us that there isn’t always going to be a happy ending but things can still turn out ok.

I would actually be interested in a sequel to this one if it was ever written because there is definitely scope for a continuation of this story.

The Twisted Tale series, published by Disney Press, has delivered more than I expected of it in the two books I have read and I will be interested to check out a few more. I would love to read a Twisted Tale of The Little Mermaid.

Give it a go, it’s not Beauty and the Beast but it has magic, books and the glorious Mrs Potts.